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Company Description

AYDA Beauty Ltd. is a well-known name for marketing and distribution of branded personal care, cosmetic and skincare products, which are producing by world-wide high quality and super specialty manufacturers. AYDA Beauty with available specialty services desires to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with its world-class manufacturing companies to sustain friendly customer relationship and working environment in the office.

Besides, AYDA Beauty wants to consider the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on the priority to find and has the relevant feedback from the customer in the market and do their regular improvements up on that data and feedback. AYDA Beauty always foreseen the market strategy based on the exact data through R&D and customer relationship. Customer relationship and high quality will be the value which it gives to customer and receives the value from the customer in return.


Our Mission

AYDA Beauty is committed to promote/distribute personal care, cosmetic and skincare goods from the standardized international manufacturers, to tackle the existed market gap with the highest quality of services and products. AYDA Beauty has the prospect to create the opportunity for the employees and new generation to improve their proficiencies with the transferring of updated world industrial technology for the sustainability in the market.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading company to evolve the life expectation of people with trusted and high quality products, in order to give us the real value and position in the market. Besides, “quality products, commitment for improvement and professional services” will be our core and utmost specialty.